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Volunteer To Serve @ Chrysalis:

The First Step to serving in the Central Alabama Chrysalis Community is to complete a Safe Sanctuary Background Check.  Everyone that works with Chrysalis (In ANY CAPACITY) Must complete a background check prior to being on site to work any Chrysalis event.  If you have a current (within 3 years) background check/report, you can provide that to us.  Some employers use these as a condition of employment.  Or, you can go to the following link to complete a quick background check through our vendor:

Then you can simply show up to a Sendoff, Candlelight, Serenade, or Closing to show your support and encouragement of each caterpillar on their flight..

If you want to become more involved with team service, you are encouraged to serve on a support team for an upcoming Walk.  This is the team that supports the Flights from the outside - setting up and taking down, making beds, serving meals, and everything in between.  You can serve in many different capacities on a background team.  In fact, the more background areas you work, the more you will understand what is necessary to support an entire walk.  We adhere to the pattern and belief of Progressive Servanthood.  Meaning that you should first serve in a specific work area and then co-chair that work area, prior to chairing that work area.  This also helps train and prepare you for the task of the chairperson and helps you train others as they begin to serve.  This is also the first requirement to serving on the Conference Room Team as well.

Complete and Submit the information below and a member of our Board or the Coordinator of an upcoming Support Team will reach out to you soon.