​These are the definitions of the various work areas available for the support team to volunteer to help with after your walk.  Please email the appropriate Board Rep if you are interested in serving.

72 Hour Prayer Vigil — Arranges to have someone praying for the walk for the entire 72 hours and makes the poster for display during the walk.

Agape —  Organizes and distributes the agape for the walk.

Bed Tags —  Makes Name tags for the Beds

Book BagsSews the Book Bags for the Worship Books.

Book Covers — Sews the Worship Book Covers with the Lay Director's Symbol of the Walk, by either Embroidery or Iron On.

Book Table — Arranges for the books to be at the camp for the walk and facilitates the selling of the books to the Pilgrims.

Candlelight — Arranges all aspects of candlelight including music, fourth day speaker, line up, and clean up.

Entertainment — Performs skit (Approved by the Board of Directors) at the Friday Night Dinner

Food Preparation — Cooks and/or prepares the food.

Friday Night Party — Arranges food and décor for the Party after Candlelight

Greeters — Greets pilgrims as they arrive at the camp on the first and helps them get their baggage to the room.

Housing & Registration — Receives the payments for food and lodging for the walk from both Pilgrims and workers, assigns rooms, 

and conducts a pre and post walk inspection of the camp.

Logistics — Sets up and takes down the camp for a walk. Delivers materials to work areas.

Meal Service — Serves the meals to the Pilgrims.

Photography — Takes the group and table pictures, gets them developed and delivered to Agape for insertion into the Pilgrim packets.

Refreshments — Arranges for and serves the refreshments for the Pilgrims on the walk.

Serenade — This area is responsible for getting the flowers, arranging for the music, getting the refreshments for the community, and directing the serenade.

Speaker's Prayer Chapel — Prayers for each speaker and all aspects of the walk.

Sponsor's Hour — In charge of Sponsor's hour and makes sure that the crosses and 72 hour candles are ready.

Worship — Sets up the worship centers for chapel time.

Work Area Definitions

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