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Team Additions – Team List

  • If Lay Director has not filled list from Team Selection Approved List - Contact Chair Team Selection for additional names.
  • Do not add members without approval – you may be asked to call them back and let them know they are not part of the team.
  • As list of team members are developed, contact Chair Team Selection so files can be updated and next Lay Director's team can be selected.
  • If team members miss team meetings – contact Chair Team Selection Committee or the Community Lay Director.  Depending on reasons, the team member may be replaced.

Lay director replacement

  • Should a Lay Director be unable to serve just prior to their walk, then an active past Lay Director will fill in as the Lay Director.

Last minute Replacement of Team Members

  • Previous Lay Directors, and community members who have attended the team meetings, should  be considered rather than bringing someone in who has not been to the team meetings or team training.

Exceptions to the above rules will only be made after prayerful consideration  of the Lay Director, the Community Lay Director, and the Chair of the Team Selection Committee.

Revised 6/12/2017

Policy for Team Selection 

All conference room team members should demonstrate the servant's heart, be active members of their respective church, participate in their cluster activities and belong to an active reunion group.  They must agree to attend both team meetings and the team training. 

Team Selection

Assistant Table Leader

  •  Not eligible until one year after original walk.

  • Serve in the background a minimum of four times.
  • Chaired at least one service area.
  • Served in the background at least once during the last 12 months.

Table Leader

  • Served as an Assistant Table Leader at least twice.
  • Chaired at least one service area.
  •  Served in the background at least once during the last 12 months.

Assistant Lay Director

  • Served as Table Leader three times.
  • Presented a minimum of two different talks.
  • Served in the background at least once during the last 12 months.

Lay Director

  • Served as Assistant Lay director a minimum of three times.
  • Presented a minimum of four different talks (One of which is an ALD talk).
  •  Served in the background at least once during the last 12 months.

Number of times in the conference room

  • Prefer that team members not serve on back-to-back walks.
  • Prefer that team members serve not more than two times per year.
  • Upcoming Lay Director will serve as an Assistant Lay Director (or TL if needed) within one year of their assigned walk.

 Conference Room Make-up

  • 6 Assistant Table Leaders.
  • 6 Table Leaders.
  • 4 Assistant Lay Directors and 4 Assistant Spiritual Directors.
  • 1 Lay Director and 1 Spiritual Director.
  • 22 total team members (Plus LD, Music, Media, and Board Rep).
  • No more than one-third of team from Lay Directors Cluster/Community (4).
  • Mix levels of experience within each area – one-third new, one-third second or third-time team members, and one-third veterans.