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Handicap Policy:

​Notice to Applicants and Sponsors: 
There are no handicap/accessibility features of the Facility rented by CAEC for the 72 hour Emmaus Walk. Applicants must be physically able to go up and down stairs, walk between the large gathering room and individual rooms and restroom facilities without assistance during the 72 hours of the walk.  Additionally; rooms, hallways, and other facilities are not wheelchair accessible.

Upcoming Walks & Flights

                                                                                                         2020 Emmaus Walk & Chrysalis Flight Schedule



Weekend Lay Director

Weekend Spiritual Director


Room Team



Board RepCommunity/
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Pilgrim List

Men's Walk #204

January 22-25
Glen KinardRev. Neil EplerCR TeamBG TeamBob MoneyMillbrook (Contact Millbrook)As Of 1/20/20
Women's Walk #205
February 26-29Marcia MaciasRev. Steve KoppCR TeamBG TeamSheila Wallace

Lake Martin (Contact Lake Martin)

Girls Chrysalis Flight #74
March 12-15----POSTPONED----Rev.CR Team

Selma (Contact Selma)

Women's Walk #206
March 25-28
Missy JohnsonRev. Tim DavisCR Team
Lorri SchonooverEast Alabama (Contact East Alabama)
Men's Walk #207
August 26-29
Rev. CR Team

Chambers/Lee County (Contact CLC)

Chrysalis Flight #75

September 10-13

Rev. CR Team

Elmore (Contact Elmore)
Women's Walk #208
September 16-19
Rev. CR Team

Montgomery (Contact Montgomery)
Men's Walk #209
October 28-31

Rev.CR Team
Eric CanadaSelma (Contact Selma)
Chrysalis Flight #76
November 12-15

Rev. CR Team

Millbrook (Contact Millbrook)