2021 Tentative Schedule :  Emmaus Walks -  Chrysalis Flights - Face To Face Encounters



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Pilgrim List

Men's Walk #207

January 27-30

Camp Alamisco

Stanley BatchelorRev. Tim DavisCR TeamBG TeamTBDChamber/Lee County
Women's Walk #208
February 24-27Camp AlamiscoMarsha DavisRev. Mike WellsCR TeamBG TeamTBD

Lake Martin

Women's Walk #206
March 24-27
Camp AlamiscoMissy JohnsonRev. Tim DavisCR TeamBG TeamLorri SchonooverEast Alabama
Chrysalis Flight #75June 24-27New Water Farms 

CR TeamBG TeamTBDElmore
Chrysalis Flight #76
July 8-11New Water Farms

CR TeamBG TeamTBDMillbrook/Prattville

Men's Walk #209August 18-21Camp AlamiscoJohn MorrisRev. Neil EplerCR TeamBG TeamTBDSelma
Women's Walk #210September 15-18Camp AlamiscoTBDTBDCR TeamBG TeamTBDElmore Cluster
Men's Walk #211
November 10-13Camp AlamiscoTripp Bowie
CR TeamBG TeamTBDMontgomery

Handicap Policy:

​Notice to Applicants and Sponsors: 
There are no handicap/accessibility features of the Facility rented by CAEC for the 72 hour Emmaus Walk. Applicants must be physically able to go up and down stairs, walk between the large gathering room and individual rooms and restroom facilities without assistance during the 72 hours of the walk.  Additionally; rooms, hallways, and other facilities are not wheelchair accessible.

Upcoming Walks & Flights

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