Central Alabama Emmaus Community


  1. Pray about who to sponsor
  2. Talk to that person (and spouse) and explain the Walk to Emmaus
  3. Invite that person (and spouse)
  4. Discuss, fill out and mail application-Determine Specific needs
  5. Attend team meetings
  6. Gather Agape letters-Sort letters from family and deliver by Candlelight
  7. Support Walk with  Agape
  8. Inform Candidate and Family of pertinent times
  9.  Attend Send off/Sponsor’s Hour-Wednesday 7pm/7:30pm
  10.  Attend Candlelight-Friday 7pm
  11. Attend Serenade-Saturday 7am
  12. Attend Closing-Saturday 4pm
  13. Support Pilgrim’s family during the Walk
  14. Attend Cluster Follow-up with Pilgrim and Family
  15. Help Pilgrim start or find a Reunion group
  16. Help Pilgrim to get involved with the Community/Cluster
  17. Teach Pilgrim how to Sponsor others


Other considerations:

  • Paying for you candidate’s Walk
  • Provide transportation and meals for your Candidate
  • Provide gift certificate for Book Table
  • Provide meals/support for Candidate’s family.

Sponsorship Guidelines